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Bring It On, Winter! Black-capped Chickadees on Snowman Seed CylinderIt's coming. Are you ready?

Of course we’re talking about winter and all of the preparation that comes with it.

Sometimes, it seems like there is no winter. The weather doesn’t really change and life goes on as normal. Then there are those occasions when winter rears its ugly head and makes life anything but normal.

And that’s just how it seems to us. Think about the birds.

Birds usually eat a quantity of food to satisfy their energy needs. Their food intake fluctuates with environmental temperature, their activity level and the energy concentration of the diet.

Furthermore, the average bird in an average environment must forage about five hours per day to meet its energy requirements. In winter, they may have to forage longer for much-needed additional energy.

Bird feeders can be an important food source. When severe weather impacts wild food supplies, some species of birds will turn to feeders as a critical food resource. It’s during these times that feeders play their most vital role.

However, don’t think that helping the birds is actually altering ther normal behavior. There is no evidence that birds using feeders will alter their seasonal feeding behavior when switching between seeds, insects and fruit.

So again, are you ready? Do you have what your birds need this winter?

Stop by the store soon and we’ll make sure you have your yard ready... no matter which winter shows up.


Dolores and Bruce Johnson, Store Owners