Winchester, Virginia


Why is The Bird Seed at Wild Birds Unlimited - The Best!


The Bird Seed that we offer at Wild Birds Unlimited is the Best in Winchester.  We say this without hesitation for the following reasons:


1. We get our bird seed delivered every week straight from the mill.  Our bird seed does not come from a manufacturer, buyer or warehouse.  It is the freshest bird seed in this area and the birds love it.


2. There are no fillers in our bird seed.  Most wild bird seed will contain fillers.  Fillers include milo, germane millet, corn, wheat, canary seed, and other seeds that are not so good for wild birds but great for the manufacturers to save money.  Many bags of wild bird seed will contain 30% or more of the seed that the birds will just ignore and throw to the ground (that is all the stuff growing under your feeder).


3. We have blends that are formulated not only for this particular region but also for your specific birds that you are trying to attract.  As an example we always get questions like "How can I attract cardinals?"  or  "How can I get ride of the starlings?" 


Come in today and we can answer all your questions and turn your backyard into a bird paradise.