Get Ready for a Fun-filled Season in Your Backyard

You made it through winter and as a reward, the next few months will bring some of nature’s most spectacular gifts.

 Spring migration brings a show with an ever-changing cast of characters passing through your yard, including hummingbirds, orioles and warblers. Next comes nesting season, a time to watch for bird parents bringing their noisy fledglings to your feeders. And it's fun to watch the adults, busy in your backyard habitat, as they glean pollinating insects to feed their ever-impatient youngsters.

A Bluebird’s Magic Trick 

Ready to be amazed? What would you say if we told you that bluebirds are not blue? No, we have not gone crazy with cabin fever just yet! Yes, it is true, bluebird feathers contain no blue pigment. The blue color is from an optical illusion that is created by some special cells found in their feathers. These prism-like cells absorb or scatter all of the sunlight’s wave lengths except the color blue…thus, almost like magic, they appear blue to us, too.  Can you name any other blue colored birds that share this type of feather magic, too? 


E Bluebird in tree

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