How to Attract, Feed & House Bluebirds

Protection from predators and proximity to food and water are a bird’s primary consideration when choosing a nesting site. If bluebirds choose to nest in your yard, you can observe them as they build nests, lay eggs and feed their young. And when it’s time for the fledglings to leave the nest, they’ll likely learn to feed at your feeders and bathe in your bird baths.

Eastern Bluebirds on Bird Bath

Open Water

    Offering water to drink and bathe is attractive to bluebirds; moving or dripping water is even more attractive. Keep the water fresh and watch them come in regularly to bathe and drink.

Serve the Meal

    Bluebirds primarily eat insects when available and supplement this main diet of insects with various fruits and berries. Some of the more enticing feeder foods readily eaten by bluebirds include mealworms, Jim’s Birdacious® BugBerry Blend and Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter® Bits.
    Bluebirds will gobble up as many mealworms as you offer; especially when the young are being fed. Put some out in the morning and some in the evening and watch your bluebirds become regular visitors.
    Jim’s Birdacious foods like BugBerry Blend and Bark Butter Bits are excellent alternative foods for a bluebird as they transition from their winter diet to their summer insect diet.
Bluebird Nest Box

Open House x2

    Bluebirds are secondary cavity nesters, using pre-existing cavities. They don’t excavate their own. They readily use a well-placed nest box designed for them, preferring open areas such as fence rows.
    Sometimes other birds will use a bluebird nest box, such as swallows. If this happens, you can install a second box. The bluebirds will use one and the other bird species will use the other. For best results, try placing the two boxes within 5-20 feet of each other

Spring Is Coming!

It is March, and the spring nesting season is in sight.  The birds that have spent the winter looking for their next meal and getting through the cold nights, are now beginning to think about finding places to raise their young.   If you think your backyard may be a great place, come in and check out our variety of birdhouses and pole systems that will fit your needs and make adding a birdhouse, or two, to your space easy.

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